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Whitening cream
for the intimate area

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I do not like that the colour of my intimate areas is dark brown...

When you watch porn, every girl has such a nice pinkish colour. It’s not a secret that all men watch porn, and compare it to their girlfriends. How do I get that?) }}

I am very shy to wear bikini on the beach…

I used to have rash between my legs, and now there are ugly dark marks from that…

My boyfriend refused to make love to me…

When he undressed me and saw my private parts, he just got dressed and left…

I am shy in front of my husband: he is pretty advanced when it comes to

sex, so I am very nervous that he will see the dark skin of my vagina and anus, plus, I have some kind of scarring there, probably after shaving irritation.

pigmentation in intimate areas

  • Hormonal disbalance
    (may occur both during adolescence and during pregnancy or due to age-related changes after 40-45 years)

  • Endocrine disorders

  • Skin damage
    (due to friction from tight underwear or excess weight)

  • Individual features of the body

All of that can be solved when using PinkGoddess cream for intimate whitening.

Do you think that intimate whitening products are only for the cast of «hot» movies?

Well…of course they use it!

However, everyone else can and should use it too, anyone who loves their body and wants others to love it too:

Professional sportsmen (swimmers, bodybuilders)

Erotic show participants

Photo models

WITH THE NEW cream for intimate whitening?

You will be able to wear bikini!

You will stop being ashamed of the difference in colour of your body!

You will stop worrying that your sex partner will lose the desire to make love after seeing your private area!

You will be able to tease your partner with «hot» pictures and videos before the date!

You will forget how awkward it is to go to cosmetologist for deep depilation, or to visit sauna with friends, because all your body will become beautiful.

You will for sure know, that «weird colour of vagina» is not about you!

«MOLECULE LUMINESCENCE» TECHNOLOGY is a patented formula of the product

«The international research team, who worked on the development of the effective technology of skin whitening in sensitive areas, came up with that name.»

  • Hyperpigmentation is now associated with low self-esteem and psychological problems in a large number of people, so modern derma-cosmetology made a step forward.
  • Using results of the latest research, a product was developed that gently and gradually stimulates regeneration mechanisms of the body, and makes skin of intimate areas soft-pink colour and smooth.

The most important facts about Molecule Luminescence technology are reasonableness in decision to use each ingredient, complex approach, and harmless mechanisms of action.

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AND TECHNOLOGY of cream for intimate whitening

of the cream PinkGoddess for intimate whitening

Beeswax (Cera Alba)

has powerful softening and whitening effects, visually reduces skin defects.


Root softly whitens and softens the skin, starts regeneration processes.


Acids responsible for pigmentation reduction, are Glycolic and Caprylic.


  • Diseases of the rectum and anus;
  • pregnancy, lactation;
  • skin hypersensitivity;
  • presence of wounds and micro cracks in the area of whitening.

the intimate whitening cream

Apply a small amount of the cream оn the external genital area

Use gentle massaging movements

Use once a day for at least 3 courses

Course duration - around 4 weeks










Now I can be freer during my photoshoots …

I always wanted to be a photo model, my body is perfect for that. But after the very first photo session, the photographer told me that I have very unsightly looking dark skin in intimate areas, and I can’t be making pictures in bikini. He said not everyone will want to do extra work in photoshop, when there are plenty of girls without that problem. So, I had to look for the solution. And I found it! That whitening cream is amazing.

Patricia, 20

I feel more comfortable!

I used to think that my feminine beauty is gone, and put a cross on my personal life. However, I discovered that at 40 it is only starting. I met a man, very hot and open in bed. Well, I had to keep it up too, so decided to bleach my private zones, so I could feel more confident in bed with him!

Angela, 45

Self-esteem is very high

I am a pole dancer. I have to look 100% perfect from all angles. I bought the whitening cream, and now my self-esteem is as high as my dance on the top of the pole!

Joyce, 24

69 pose wasn’t working

I never even thought about whitening anything on my body. But when I was stood up twice after the sex barely started, I decided to find out what was wrong. Of course, both of them were very tactful and said it wasn’t me, it was something wrong with them, but the third guy gave it out! Apparently, when it was time for 69, he couldn’t stand seeing the dark skin of my genitals (especially considering that everywhere else I am basically white), so it was setting his mood down. After a course of the intimate area whitening cream, I asked if he wants to evaluate the result. He did! :) We are a couple now.

Alyssa, 29

of PinkGoddess cream for intimate whitening

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